These booklets were prepared by UFI - the Global Association of Exhibition Industry to help you make the most out of your participation in an exhibition.

Exhibitions Work! The case for a powerful, cost-effective marketing medium
It’s true whether you sell industrial power plants or sticky puddings: the better you know your customer - and the better your customer knows you - the more likely you are to make that first sale and the increasingly profitable sales that follow. If you had to design from the ground up a marketing medium that’s perfectly suited to this kind of relationship building and customer retention, it would probably look remarkably like exhibitions, the most direct form of direct marketing ever.


How to Exhibit! Maximising the Power of Exhibitions
Even a company that knows nothing about exhibiting would find it difficult to come away from a busy show without generating new business. After all, the business comes to you. But there are a few simple principles that any company can use to multiply the value of every exhibition they participate in. This book is about making the most of exhibitions by doing a few simple things before, during and after each show. It’s based on the collective experiences of dozens of marketers who have used exhibitions effectively for many years.


How to Measure Exhibition Success. A Workbook for Marketers
Take a peek into the strategies and budgets of the world’s most successful marketers and you’re bound to find one medium figuring in them all: exhibitions.



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